Sunday, April 19, 2009

'Spose I Should Post Something

I'm plum tuckered out from this weekend. Yesterday's baseball game was fun and the fireworks were, as usual, spectacular. This may be minor league baseball, but their Saturday shows put to shame most town's July 4th celebrations.

By working steadily all day yesterday, I finished up my weekend honey-do list and was able to relax today. Relaxing consisted of sitting out on the back patio with a cold beer, a good book, and the smoker going to town. I did a roast beef and pork loin, then did some BBQ chicken wings on the grill. My fridge looks like an Atkin's Diet wet dream.

I've also started sketching again, and there's a real possibility that I'll pick up the ol' paintbrush soon. That isn't much of a stretch, because I've ordered some watercolors and waterbrushes which should arrive this week. It's been a long time since I've painted, so the initial attempts should be painful.

Over on the right is a block showing that I've got eight followers. If you haven't already, do sign up. I have no idea what good it does you, but I imagine they send you free viagra or that one simple weight loss rule or something.


Anonymous said...

You bake fabulous bread AND you're an artist too? What don't you do, Ted?

And fwiw, I too traveled down that road once, having put down the paintbrush when I was 18 never to pick one up again until many, many years later. I'll be cheering you on and hope you'll share your first second-time-around painting with us.

Anonymous said...


that was from me, squip. duh. :-)

Ted said...

Hey Squip! Long time, no hear. As for what I don't do, rumor has it that I am the world's worst with a caulking gun.

Squip said...

Seriously? I just can't imagine you spasticating (yes it's a new word) with a caulking gun. *chuckle*