Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Neighbors

A family moved in two doors down this weekend. So far, they've endeared themselves to no one.

One little boy, maybe 6, sat in their car for about an hour with the windows down and the stereo blasting rap music.

Another little boy, maybe 4, abandons his kiddie trike at random intervals and it stays wherever he drops it. Like directly in front of our next door neighbor's front gate.

Their little girl is one of those annoying kids who's response to everything is an ear-piercing screech.

All three run into and ride in the street without thinking to look for traffic. Mom and Dad are nowhere to be seen. Ever.

We have reserved parking slots for a reason, and "I'm only gonna be a minute" is not an acceptable excuse for taking mine. Move the fucking car now, moron.

Tomorrow all cars are supposed to be moved from our end of the street for paving. Towing at owners expense begins at 7am. It's entirely possible that these clowns have so pissed off everyone that nobody has told them about it.

I hope.


Erica said...

Gah. There are dooshbags EVERYWHERE.

LeeAnn said...

Every every everywhere indeed.

dogette said...

My eye-twitch just fired up again.

mapgirl said...

gah. I hate neighbors like that!