Sunday, October 12, 2008

Free Idea, But I Want One For Free If You Run With It

You've seen those family stickers? The little stick figure Daddy and Mommy and kids and pets that people have been decorating their vehicle's back window with.

I want a set where Dad is a stick-figure Frankenstein or Dracula. Mom can be the Mummy or Bride of Frankenstein. Little Billy and Susie can be zombies or little vampires. Spot? Werewolf.

Or a bulk pack. I'd love to put Daddy and Mommy and about seventeen kids. With a bumper sticker from the local Catholic Church. On a sub-compact.


Suzette said...

I saw a bunch of some flip-flop stickers on the back of a car around here but since this is NJ, I just assumed a carton of them "fell off of a truck" and suddenly there was a surplus of flipflop stickers in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Every time I see those stickers I retch. Your ideas are good. Hey. How about a "family" representation under an Obama Admininstration? except they're all actually in a bread line, wearing bland, state-issued uniforms and little matching caps, and they're lined up saluting a huge city muralscape likeness of Great Leader Obama? Yeah. I'd put that on the bumper.