Monday, October 13, 2008

First Hockey Game of the Season

We drove down to Virginia Beach for Robyn's birthday this weekend. She wanted to go to a Norfolk Admirals (farm club for the Tampa Bay Lightning) hockey game before her baby is born, and that sounded like a good idea to us. The Admirals are celebrating their 20th season this year, so there's lots of hoopla surrounding the team.

They played the Hershey Bears (farm club of the Washington Capitals), and I recognized several players who've played for the big club on their roster.

The Admirals got off to a quick start, scoring a nice wraparound goal early and decisively winning two fights in the first five minutes. It was rough going from there on. They did have a solid ten minute stretch in the third period, but for the most part the Bears outplayed them. Still, thanks to another soft goal, the score was tied right to the end. As an indication of how the night went, with less than three minutes remaining in the game, one of the Admirals players missed wide on a tap in from in front of the open net.

Once again (this seems to be a habit for us), we saw scoreless overtime and a shootout. Hershey easily put it away during the shootout and the final was 4-3.

Related thoughts and moments:

During the second break, they had a dune buggy come out on the ice with a t-shirt cannon mounted on the back. One of them came right to me, I didn't even have to stand up to get it. Happy Birthday Robyn! (Yeah, I'm cheap like that)

One Zamboni - they have two - had advertising all over it for some tax prep place. I'm sorry, but "We Make Taxes Fun!" is one of the stupidest slogans I've ever heard. Burger-King stupid.

There were babies at the game. I think the youngest we saw, and we asked, was two months old. Liz now has instructions to make a baby jammie set in San Jose Sharks teal.


Anonymous said...

Babies love hockey. My cousin's daughter started going at five months (would have been younger, but she was born in May), and my cousin says she's been tracking the play from her first game.
(And her first Caps outfit was a shower present.)

Victor said...

Guess who the Caps outfit came from, Ted?

I once watched a game from the 3rd or 4th row, goal seats, where 12 goals were scored, and at least ten of them were in my end. Right next to me were twin girls and a grandma in front of me asked the parents how old they were. "Three weeks," came the reply...and as much as the puck hit the glass, they didn't scream once.

Kids can handle hockey.