Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review - Clif Bars

Clif Bars are a brand of energy bar that seems to be popular with hikers and outdoorsy types. In the local stores, all I ever see are peanut butter and chocolate chip. I've never bought one because although I like those flavors, I already have trail mix that has those, and I wanted something different as a snack.

After having talked to several people that liked them, I added two bars to a recent Amazon order - a Carrot Cake and a Blueberry Crisp. Both were highly recommended, even among those who don't normally like Clif Bars.

I just tried them and have to say, no thanks! The flavors weren't horrible, but they were nothing to write home about, but the killer to me was the texture. They're sticky and flexible as a bar, but individual bites are uber-dense and chewy. Not pleasant.

There's a half of each left. I offered them to my son and his first comment was, "tastes like week-old oatmeal."

Yeah, I don't think I'll be spending any more money on these things.


Anonymous said...

/waves to Ted... still reading your blog! xxx000 squip

Ted said...

Squipper!!! Long time no hear. Hope all is well.

Suzette said...

I have a bit of expertise in this area - not from hiking mountain trails but from hiking business trails. I keep them in my purse, my laptop bag and my suitcase and I rely on them in cases of delayed flights, disgusting buffets and lack of dinner invitations on somebody else's dime.

Overall Best Choice: Balance Bar Yogurt Honey Peanut
Best Tasting: Odwalla Sweet N Salty Almond
Worst Tasting: Luna Bars, Any
Most Likely To Get Smashed Flat: Zone Bars, Any
Most Ubiquitous in Airport Newsstands: Power Bars, All
Most Protein Overload: Met-Rx Plus
Most Useless: Nature Valley Granola Bars