Monday, May 30, 2011

Garden Buddy

This little lady is a Venusta Garden Spider, and we've been co-existing out in the garden for a couple of weeks now. I first spotted her orb web after a drizzle, when it was holding water droplets like strings of pearls along its entire structure. Very pretty. I finally spotted her hunkered down under cover, waiting for the rain to end.

When I go out to the garden, I usually glance over to make sure everything is ok with her. She's usually sitting under the center of her web (the business part of the web is about 8" across, but the structure itself is about twice that), waiting for dinner.

After our big big rain the other day, I went out back and spent a quiet little while watching her rebuild her tattered home.

The truce holds as long as she doesn't startle me.


Erica said...

They are very beautiful while at the same time being disgustingly creepy. Regardless of how much I loved "Charlotte's Web," a bug is a bug is a bug.

sheri said...

I've been posting some nasteh bug pics lately (garden blog) too. They're everywhere you want to be.