Monday, April 11, 2011

Evil Banking Corporation Cares More About The Troops Than The Current Placeholder In The White House

Remember last week when the troops were told that if the government shut down, that they'd only get half a paycheck on payday, then no more until the government reopened? Of course, they'd still be expected to fight in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Remember last week when President Obama vowed to veto the continuing resolution that would have funded the military for the rest of the year?

Kudos to Navy Federal Credit Union, who announced that any military member who had a direct deposit account (translation: virtually all) would get a full paycheck. In other words, the Credit Union would front the rest of their pay and members could settle up with the Credit Union when the regular paychecks started again and the retro pay was in hand.

Glad it wasn't needed, but very cool nonetheless.


LeeAnn said...

Holy crap. I didn't even see anything about that before this but it's very very cool of them indeed. We have NavyFed, and we had a slight problem with them earlier in the year (50/50 blame, to be fair).
This pretty much revives my faith in them. A classy move indeed on their part.
Unlike some people we know. Yeah, Barry, looking at you.

sheri said...

Placeholder-in-Chief, you mean. Show Barry some goddamned RESPECT.