Sunday, March 20, 2011

Warning: Content May Cause Elevated Heartrate

Yep, here's the threatened promised photos of this year's foray into Square Foot Gardening.

Two four foot square boxes, a modest start for sure. If this goes well though, I'll be harvesting an amazing amount of home-grown goodness out of here.

This is a better view of the mason line I used to grid the boxes. The wet area in the upper right is where I've already planted. Eight snow peas are in the two grids straddled by the trellis, and the two cornermost grids have four spinach seeds each.

Here's a detail of the trellises that I put together. Made of 1/2" steel electrical conduit, what annoyed me was that 40' of the conduit was less than $9.00, but those corner pieces (I needed 4) cost almost $16.00! I got the nylon netting from Amazon and tied it on myself (I have lots of leftover too). All told, those trellisi cost about $45.00 but should be good for many years, and they're strong enough to hold up anything I might want to grow.

I was hopeful, but I doubt this will live up to NogWatch.


sheri said...

Nog Watch. I still mist up thinking about how I miss it. It was cruel of you to mention it. Cruel I say.

Suzette said...

Nog Watch was one of the great ones but Dirt Watch has its own sort of appeal. Imagine how thrilling it will be when we get up to Beetle Watch , or - be still my heart - Rabbit Watch.

sheri said...

I am in talks with some buddies who are going to build me some raised beds. I'm inspired and I will be checking for Dirt Watch updates!