Saturday, January 23, 2010


I'm not a superhero fan. As a kid, when it came to comic books my favorites were the eerie ones like Tales from the Crypt (I know, big surprise, eh?), then funny ones, then superheroes. I was happier with a copy of Richie Rich than I was of Superman, Fantastic Four, etc. Now that I'm older (I won't claim grown up), I've never seen Spiderman or Iron Man or the Hulk movies. Just never felt compelled to.

But I heard amazing things about Heath Ledger's final role as the Joker. Last night I sat down and watched Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, courtesy of Netflix. Something like five hours of Gotham City, Alfred and Inspector Gordon, all in one swell foop.

It was pretty good. Not good enough to ignite an interest in seeing all the superhero movies (or even the earlier Batman flicks), but I did enjoy them.

Heath Ledger was excellent, but kind of a letdown because there was no way his performance could've lived up to the hype.

Next up on my watch list are volumes one & two of the Mario Bava collection (Christmas presents - yay!). Hot diggety!


Mad William Flint said...

Begins was the best Batman movie ever.

Ledger's spectacle in Dark Knight was awesome if you caught the beginning of the wave, but the rest of the movie really pretty much blew chunks.

I would highly recommend not watching any of the previous batman movies with the possible exception of the first one (Keaton/Nicholson) which wasn't bad.