Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday. Early. Ick.

So yesterday my wife and I went out to the fabric store and bought a whole bunch of doo-dads that I needed for some upcoming projects (remember, I will be learning to sew*).

We hit this weird sale where you can use multiple coupons, and we have an entire sheet of them from the newspaper. Wound up saving 40% here, 40% there. In fact, there was only thing we couldn't use a coupon on, and the checkout lady forgot to re-scan a spool of thread which made up for it.**

Got home, and I was very excited. Liz showed me how to do bobbins, then we loaded the thread and watched her uber-expensive machine eat itself dead. Damn. It'll be going into the shop, I'm guessing this is going to be a three-four week delay.

On the bright side, Liz isn't blaming me. I wasn't even touching the machine when it broke. Small favors, I tell ya.

* I am learning to sew for a very manly reason. I'd tell you, but I'm afraid hair might spontaneously sprout on your chest.

** Checkout lady. Very nice. Barely competent. Had to re-scan the entire order after hitting the wrong button at the end of the first try. The total was lower the second time through and I mentioned it, so my conscience is clear.


dogette said...

My poor mother. She tried to teach me to sew when I was in my teens. It just didn't take. She tried to teach me to cook. Same thing.

"Liz showed me how to do bobbins." There's a sentence I haven't seen on many blogs before.

Ted said...

LOL... one of those sounds-dirty-but-really-isn't phrases... unless you didn't mean that, in which case, never mind.

Mookie said...

Thats why mom's machine has always scared me. I can usually fix mine by just smacking it (and then sitting down with tweezers and a can of air) by myself with out having to send it to the shop...
With mom's... its just not possible to clean it/fix it yourself, everythings encased, inaccessible, and incomprehensible.