Wednesday, July 01, 2009

What I Watched - 2nd Quarter 2009

Here's what I watched in the first quarter of 2009. Pray for me.

I'll add links to this list soon, and movies marked with a Nathan Hale ("I regret that I have but one ass-to-risk for my country") will link to an original Rocket Jones review.

Maybe you'll look through the list and say "whoa, that sounds cool!" Or not.

So, since April 1, 2009:

Mulberry Street - Not what I expected. An effective low-budget thriller where the horror is never really explained.
The Madmen of Madoras - This seemed very familiar, and then I realized it was a retitled "They Saved Hitler's Brain".
Crowley - Nice premise, but I was bored.
She Freak - Old carnie horror. Better than I expected.
Hard Candy
Fido - Sweet and touching zombie flick. No, really!
Sea Hawks - Errol Flynn still rocks.
Flesh for the Beast - This one gets slammed by reviewers, but I like it.
Bare Behind Bars - Brazilian. Women's prison. Actual plot. Occasionally goes hardcore.
Revenge of the Nerds - A fave.
Evil of Frankenstein - Dammit, why don't the peasants understand?
The Incredibles - by far my favorite Pixar.
The 'Burbs - Another all-time favorite.
Night Creatures
Kiss of the Vampire
Flyboys - I was entertained, as long as I didn't think about historical accuracy.
Strange Circus - Japanese surreal horror. "Strange" is an understatement.
Flower and Snake II - Intense Japanese S&M thriller. Better story than the original.
Goth Kill - review coming soon
Female Yakuza Tale - supposedly an inspiration for "Kill Bill". I'll have to watch KB, just to see if there are as many sword-wielding Japanese women in it. Did I mention that they're usually naked too?
A Chinese Ghost Story II - Picks up where the first left off. Spooky romance filled with dark humor. Think Stephen King meets "Three's Company". The English subtitles are hilariously bad.

Movie-watching has been light these past three months, what with nice weather and real life and all.


LeeAnn said...

I never got around to watching "Hard Candy", though it's been on my Netflix list forever. Was it worth the watch?

Ted said...

Definitely worth it.

Since you're still speaking to me, I take it you haven't watched "Bloody Ape" yet. :)