Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Morning Commute Amusement

Dear Mr. Mercedes Benz Driver,

I wasn't amused when you cut me off as you weaved in and out of traffic in your oh-so-important way. I suspect the other drivers you cut off weren't amused either. What was amusing was your reaction when the blue lights popped on back in the crowd you slalomed through. You immediately pulled into the far right lane, trying to blend in with the line of slower moving cars.

Guess you forgot about that bike racked up on the roof, eh? You stood out like a punker with a mohawk at a bald men's convention. That attempted bit of camoflage amused me, as did the cop's reaction.

Enjoy the ticket, asshole.


Walter said...

Nice. So nice to see cops give tickets to people who actually deserve it.

Stephen said...

Last weekend I was dropping the daughter off at a pre-concert rehearsal. We were sitting in traffic on I95 with her growing increasingly distraught at the possibility of being late. Some ass - with a New York tag of course - blew by us in the shoulder.

A quarter of a mile later said ass with the New York Tag was parked on the shoulder with a cop parked behind him.

We laughed smiled and waved as we slowly crawled by. The ass was not amused. But we sure were!

Gone, long gone. said...

I bet it made the rest of your commute a little easier.

Victor said...

Justice was served!

Elisson said...

You see? There is a God.

dogette said...

YES!!!! I am SO enjoying that whole thing vicariously.