Friday, May 22, 2009

Connecting With History

This morning I headed out to the National Park for another hike. I've done all the short-ish loops around the visitor center, but still found a hidden gem. While I'm walking along, mildly annoyed because the interstate is within hearing range of this particular trail, I come across a marker in the middle of a fork. The marker explains that the left branch was an old road that was finally abandoned in the 1930's, but had been used for hundreds of years before that, first by the local indians, then the settlers. The road was used by George Washington and his troops as they marched north to Valley Forge.

As I stood there, I could almost see the rows of colonists silently march by, warily watching for ambushes in the woods. It seemed somehow appropriate that I should find that bit of crossroad this weekend, so I saluted them in thanks and moved on.

I've also decided that my trusty, dependable work boots (which I've had forever and have held up spectacularly well), are too dadgum heavy. I need some new hiking boots.

Tomorrow I head to the far end of the park for a trail loop where old farmland has been reclaimed by the woods.


dogette said...

You touched on one of my biggest peeves lately: There's just no getting away from the damned noise (people, cars, planes, etc.) anymore. I need to go live in some remote outpost in Alaska or something.