Thursday, April 09, 2009

You Can Call Me Girly-Man But I Still Want One

I want this Barbie.

This Barbie is for the birds! Actually, this Barbie from The Birds is for you! Celebrating Alfred Hitchcock's classic film, this incredible collector's doll features our heroine being attacked by a trio of fine feathered foes, just like in the movie. Will these plastic birds damage her delightful handbag or her carefully styled hair? We certainly hope not! Be sure to let Barbie into your home and pray that the birds don't come in with her! Stands about 11 1/2-inches tall.



LeeAnn said...

I remember "The Birds" being the first movie I wasn't allowed to see.
Mom was scared it would scar us for life.
I wonder if that's why I'm afraid of chickens?

Ted said...

My uncle was a house painter and worked on the set of The Birds. He had a couple of the seagulls sitting on the edge of his shed, heads cocked as if eternally watching. One had a gobbet of flesh hanging from its beak.

I miss Uncle Mel. Very cool guy.

Ptiza said...

Since I don't have $44 plus shipping, I'm going to make my own. Dollar Store Barbie knockoff in professional duds plus a hot glue gun and a few plastic birds.