Monday, April 06, 2009

The Sort Of Self-Help You Don't Get Just Anywhere

A little maturity please, after all, they're just cartoon boobs. Self-bondage, Japanese style. Click to embiggen for details, grasshopper.

Kinda blows Victoria's Secret out the window now, doesn't it?

You're welcome.


LeeAnn said...

Back when I piddled about with Second Life, I discovered the whole Japanese bondage thing has a huge following... shops and meetings and seminars.
Why I discovered it we shall not further discuss.
I'm keeping my Victoria's addiction, thank you.

Mad William Flint said...

The real payoff is that one "innocent in any other context" comment: "You can even wear your clothes over it, and no-one will be able to tell it's there."

First of all... bullshit. Unless you're using silly-string or you're wearing Barbour sweaters, people will see that and jawdrop.

Second of all... Yeah, I had no second of all. That's pretty much it.

Ted said...

I dunno about that Mike. Paracord (aka "550" cord for the strength rating) is only 3mm thick. It wouldn't be that difficult to hide the ropes and small knots under a loose sweater and skirt.

Ted said...

... oh, and this is more of a harness. It doesn't really restrict movement, just gives you the thrill of feeling the rope against your skin.

The generic name for this is "Shibari" bondage. Check out Wikipedia, or google it. LeeAnn's right, it's damn near a cult thing.

Mad William Flint said...

No no, I'm good. Trust ya o/