Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Photos from Medea

Rachael finally sent photos of her costumes from Medea. You can read the original post here if you don't know what I'm talking about.

This one's gonna be photo intensive, so be patient and let it load. The first few will be her concept sketch, followed by the actual costume. Then I'll just load some photos of her other costumes.

Medea, granddaughter to the Sun God, Helios

This character was a solid mass of burning rage. No smiles for you!

One of the chorus. The eight unique costumes were all cookie-cutter variations of color, style, sleeve, etc.

Another chorus member.

Servant and Teacher, in earth tones.

Jason, one of the kids (pre-room temperature) and more chorus members.

You can see in the chorus costumes how they share common elements, rearranged and done in different colors.

So that's it. Proud Papa signing off.


CGHill said...

How come our haute couture types can't come up with anything this simple and effective?

Nice work, Mookie. (Does she ever go by that anymore?)

Pratt Hobbies said...

Congratulations, Dad. Rachel is just getting started...she's going to do great things. You inspired me to brag a little about Valerie: http://phblog.pratthobbies.com/?p=24