Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Typical Letdown

I am talking, of course, about a Stephen King story. Damn near any one of 'em. Starts off gangbusters, grips you with icy fingers right until the end, where it's "huh?" time. The man cannot finish a story, and that makes me sad. Especially when the story gets translated into a movie, piling extra fail on top of the original dead end finish.

Over the weekend, I watched "It". After all of the build up, all of the evil, all of the supernatural, we are presented with the ultimate horror.

A giant spider. *yawn*

This creature has murdered hundreds, if not thousands over the centuries that it preyed upon the area. It can alter reality, manipulate matter, make your worst nightmares come to life, and then...

...four middle aged members of the prozac club shoot it (once!) with a slingshot, run up to it and push it over and then use their hands to rip its heart out (done in shadowy pantomime theater, ferChrist'ssake!).

Why do I do this to myself?


Elisson said...

Movie adaptations of King's works generally suck. TV movie adaptations, even more so. It is a prime example.

The only one that was worth a crap was The Dead Zone, and even that was a disappointment compared to the book.

It might be one of King's worst pieces, especially when you compare the build-up to the (failed) sockeroo at the end. It's not representative... but it's a great example of how even good writers have their off days. Or decades.

Brian J. said...

So how do they translate the group of kids having sex to seal their cosmic linkage?

Ted said...

Lots of group hugs.