Saturday, February 07, 2009

Launch Report - 2/7/2009

First rocket launch of the season for me, and it was pretty doggone good. The sky is sunny and the temps are an unseasonably warm 50-ish. If only there was less wind (10-20mph), not that it stopped anyone.

As I drove up to Great Meadow, I saw that the launch range was on the back side of the field. I understand this is probably a permanent change, but no matter, the new setup works just fine with plenty of parking.

So what did I fly?

1. Estes Snitch - D12-0/C6-3 - This is the plastic ready-to-fly UFO from Estes. I CHAD-stage (CHeap And Dirty) the D12 to give it a swift kick, and then the second motor lights when it's up there. Always fun, and I almost landed the saucer in the trash can near the range head.

2. YJ-218 - 2x C6-7 - My oldest and most-flown cluster rocket, very reliable. Once again, perfection.

3. Zen Doggie - 3x A6-4 - Three little Quest motors in this cluster, making another proving flight after I modified the fin geometry. Nice launch, not very high, but a perfect flight. I think this rocket is ready for more power.

4. Barenaked Lady - E18-7 - Ultralight rocket and big honkin' motor (for this rocket) equals big altitude. My longest walk of the day, maybe 300 yards, right to the edge of the field. Oh yeah, the copperhead igniter worked first time (wonder of wonders).

5. Angel - D12-3 - This ring-fin did a little tail waggle on the way up. I knew the delay was too short, but it was all I had. Not that it mattered, because the chute got tangled and never opened. I have some minor repairs to do, but she'll be ready to fly again in no time.

That was it for me. I talked to old friends, caught up on some East Coast rocket gossip, and helped a kid and his dad put a new shock cord on their rocket. For some reason, they thought that it would be a good idea to use hot-melt glue. Oh well, they now know better, and I set 'em up with a good length of kevlar shock cord.

These launch reports may bore you, but I use them to document my flights over the years. As always (well, except for this time because I forgot), y'all are invited to attend our club rocket launches. Spectators welcomed, low-power (Estes-sized) flies for free, and it's a good chance to do something interesting with the family.


rstaff said...

I'm jealous, need rocket fix.