Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cinematic Musings (updated)

People at work and here on Rocket Jones often wonder how I can watch the kind of movies I do. Naturally, tastes differ and I do truly love the oldies and B-grade stinkers. Even so, there are times when I must watch something "mainstream" (or at least closer to). For every few films like Satanico Pandemonium or Virgin Among the Living Dead, I also watch a movie like Hatari or Zulu.

Tonight I have a stack of movies to choose from. In that stack are Bare Behind Bars, House II, Fulci's Zombie, Steven King's It and 300. Decisions, decisions.

Update: I started with 300 last night. I'd seen it before and enjoyed it again. Then I started Bare Behind Bars, but fell asleep halfway through. I'll finish that one tonight. This morning I watched House II, another one I'd seen before. Good fun.

Update again:
Fulci's Zombie. Zombie vs. Shark. 'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

I was so disappointed with the movie "It".Watched that whole movie just to find out the monster was just a giant spider?Stephen King must have phoned that one in.The whole evil clown thing was cool but only served to add to the disappointment at the end.
300 was so-so but not what I expected.
I say go with House 2 Ted.Not only does it have the way cool ghost cowboy archeologist treasure hunter,Slim Reezer but also has the smokin' hot Devine Devasquez if Amazonian babes are your thing.Yeah,she's actually Spanish/Cajun but that's even better.There's also Amy Yasbeck in there as a bonus.How can you go wrong?