Friday, January 23, 2009

Mookie News

Daughter Rachael graduates from Mary Baldwin college at the end of this semester. She won't be doing the ceremony thing because it looks like the timing means she'll be starting her first summer gig.

A new theater company is starting in Rockville, Maryland and they somehow got hold of Rachael's name and offered her a job as boss of the wardrobe section (she didn't apply for this one, they contacted her out of the blue). It's a short job, only one or two shows, and starts early season, so she'll be in and out before starting her next job.

That job is the biggie. A prestigious opera company outside of Denver offered her the same position, basically head of the wardrobe section. They'll fly her out there, give her a company car when she needs it, housing is included and the pay is more than double the average. This gig is eleven weeks.

Not bad for a kid who won't even turn 21 until halfway through the opera season, eh?

It also looks like she's going to put a year or two of full-time professional work on her resume before going on to graduate school. We've been assured by her professors that in the theater world this is normal, even encouraged.

So if I get details, who's up for a blogmeet/evening at the theater in Rockville? Leave comments, yay or nay.


Victor said...

Seeing as how Rockville is just down the Pike from G'burg, Nic and I can probably make it, depending on sports schedule. If they do Shakespeare, we'll almost certainly be there, sports schedule be damned!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why Victor thinks Shakespeare > baseball...but since very few plays are one-night-only events, I'm sure we'll be able to make it to her shows. That's great for her!

Pratt Hobbies said...

Congratulations to Mookie! I'll pass it on to Brian, who is now in his second semester at Lassen College in Susanville, CA. He is having a terrific time, and plans to stay through the summer to take more classes. He's aiming to graduate with two degrees in Applied Mechanical Engineering: Gunsmithing and Firearms Maintenance. The kid has found what he loves.

mapgirl said...

ooh yay! I like opera and stuff like that in costumes!

Congrats to your daughter!

Goddess Adrasteia said...

Yay! On all levels.

I may be gone by then, though, as I'm looking at moving to Floriduh as soon as I get a job offer in writing. But I'm still really proud of her -- pretty amazing stuff, although I'm not at all surprised!