Friday, December 05, 2008

Proud (Again)

I've mentioned before about how proud I am to live in Prince William county, Virginia. We're the guys who passed that anti-illegal immigrant law that resulted in a mass migration to neighboring, safe-haven counties. Our county council has stood up to the politically-correct pressure and lawsuits and we've saved millions of dollars in school costs and (surprise, surprise) hospital costs (huge drop in emergency room visits).

So now that times are tough and revenues have dropped? Neighboring counties are looking at raising taxes, charging for ambulance service, public library parking and usage fees and other schemes to increase income.

Prince William County? A 20% reduction in the budget. Fire, police and ambulance are protected, everything else is on the chopping block. We've been told that layoffs will have to happen.

Our county supervisors have remembered that the best way to stay out of financial trouble is to not spend more than you make. Instead of grabbing for more money when needed, they cut costs. It's remarkable, and it's sad that it's remarkable.


Gone, long gone. said...

I read about that too. I'm disappointed that the school system is not also protected.... but then again, maybe there has also been a reduction in the total student body and "English as a Second Language" programs. Hopefully the net impact on our schools will be small.