Saturday, December 13, 2008

In Apropos of Nothing

My daughter Rachael has gotten me started on reading a series of books by Janet Evanovich. The main character is Stephanie Plum, who works as a rookie bounty hunter for her cousin in New Jersey. They're funny and the mystery parts aren't bad either. Recommended.

While devouring the third in the series, I discovered that Stephanie Plum and I share the same favorite pizza: extra cheese, black olives, green peppers and onion. What's more odd; that pizza, or that I have the same tastes as a fictional character?

I also delighted in this paragraph:

My parents lived deep in the burg in a narrow duplex that on a cold day like this would smell like chocolate pudding cooking on the stove. The effect was similar to Lorelei, singing to all those sailors, sucking them in so they'd crash on the rocks.

Heh. I love that my granddaughter has a name from German mythology.


Anonymous said...

I love those Stephanie Plum books! I've read them all. There are times that I have laughed out loud at the funny things she writes.

Erica said...

I'm currently making my way through them, too, on recommendation from both Jimbo and Bou about a year or so ago -- they're really hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Cute Grandbaby Mr T.

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Gone, long gone. said...

Books... made of paper? Interesting. Next you'll be telling us how you've taken up writing on stone tablets!

Anonymous said...

OH I love her books! I read through the entire series one summer. I'm not kidding, as I checked one out, I'd wait list for the next at the library and in 3 months, read through all 13, plus the little books in between... that are not so good.

Her character is a riot.

Erica said...

See, what'd I tell ya?

Anonymous said...

Stephanie Plum rocks! I have almost all of her books with plans to read them again in 5 or so years. Have you laughed out loud yet?