Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Insanity? Yes, More Please

God help me, I'm seriously considering doing National Novel Writing Month again this year. Two years ago, I began Zombies of Autumn (still unfinished). Last year, I tried to set up a group anthology about Giant Evil Space Robots (stillborn). This year, I don't have a story in mind - yet - but I've got several pages of notes and vignettes.

Should I share?


Stephen said...

From: Walking with Alligators, A book of Meditations for writers.

"Be careful how quickly you give away your fire."
Robert Bly

"Ideas can be "talked away." Talking too soon is giving away your fire.

"Each inspiration brings with it a share of creative fire - the fire that you'll need to carry the project through to fruition.

"Once chapters of a novel are written, its ok to discuss them with a writing group.

"Once you nonfiction book proposal has been carefully crafted you may seek the ideas and input of others.

"But not before. Or the original idea, which seemed to come with such force, may flicker away.

"Candid writers have said, 'I has so much fun talking about my book that I never got around to writing my book..'

"Be careful how quickly you give away your fire."

Write it. We'll read it when you're done.