Thursday, September 04, 2008

Pelicans Vs. Warthogs

Sounds like a Nature Channel special, eh? Actually, it's the Southern Division playoffs from baseball's Carolina League. Myrtle Beach going against Winston-Salem in a best of five.

In the Northern Division, it's our home-town Potomac Nationals against the Wilmington Blue Rocks. Last night the P-Nats took game one of the series 2-1 in 15 innings, when Boomer Whiting scored from 3rd on a wild pitch.

Boomer's parents and grandmother were in the stands, having travelled from Ohio to see him play. Even though we were up way too late, I'm looking forward to game 2 of the series tonight. I loves me some minor-league baseball.


Anonymous said...

"Your shower shoes have fungus on them. You'll never make it to the bigs with fungus on your shower shoes. Think classy, you'll BE classy. If you win 20 in the show, you can let the fungus grow back and the press'll think you're colorful. Until you win 20 in the show, however, it means you're a slob."

Anonymous said...

Cheer them for me, please. I'd love to come down, but getting to Woodbridge in rush hour+the early morning alarm are a bit too much for me to overcome.