Sunday, September 28, 2008

Movie Review: Holy Mountain

This 1974 flick is one long (almost two hours) series of surrealist scenes and set pieces that... hell, I don't really know what the point is. If there's a main character, it's a Christ-like man who weaves his way through parts of the story, along with his sidekick - an amputee midget.

Supposedly there's a story being told, but I couldn't follow it, and I read the synopsis from the package beforehand. Mostly, it's scene after scene of striking, shocking, bizarre and/or blasphemous imagery. Some of it will make you laugh. A lot of it will make you uncomfortable. Most of it will make you go "huh?".

This morning I read other reviews of the movie, and many people who claim it to be a masterpiece recommend watching it several times to let the imagery sink in. Screw that. I watched this mostly at double speed, with stretches of eight speed along the way. Since there's almost no dialogue, you don't miss much.

The film is memorable, but I must not be smart enough, or artsy enough to appreciate its genius. Or so I gather.