Friday, September 12, 2008

I Lost A Friend The Other Day

Sorry folks, I need to vent.

A lady that I know went on a rant the other day about Sarah Palin. It went on and on, full of overwhelming venom and outright lies. She was unshakably convinced of her superiority because Palin, despite being a strong, independent and successful woman, didn't march in lockstep with the strong, independent and successful women who belong to the feminist cult. Incensed by the fact that Palin and her husband are raising five children because they believe that adults are responsible for the lives they create, my friend spewed horrid and outrageous things, spoken with righteous certainty about a family who she'd didn't know existed two weeks ago. Not one family member was spared.

And I stared at her when she finally wound down. She looked a little surprised at herself as well. Finally, I quietly said, "I would never have guessed that such a vile, twisted soul existed inside you."

I turned around and walked away.

She began, "I was just expressing my..."

I kept right on walking.


Erica said...

I lost a friend from high school of 16 years after he started trolling my blog and spewing similarly venomous things.

First he went on about Conservatives and the Iraq war and 9/11 being an "inside job"...and then attacked my friends in my comments...and then trolled my friends by clicking on every blog on my sidebar and saying on their blogs the same things he said to me. I was so embarrassed.

He actually used to be a pretty good friend, made us all laugh...he was part of a group of us, we used to hang out in the Music Hall at Murrow High School, we cut classes together, and we had remained friends when so many of the rest of us had grown apart.

So.....when the trolling became so completely disruptive and I had to apologize to people I didn't know very well, because he went on the offensive (though he would probably call it "bush doctrine"), it was time to cut him loose.

Sorry for the way of saying, "Dude. It sucks. And I completely understand." And I'll bet ordinarily you're not the type of guy who lets politics get in the way of a friendship. I've never let it get in the way of mine. It's just so disappointing when others do.

Erica said...

I should have mentioned, or maybe not...I was able to ban him from commenting, but Blogger does not give me the option of blacklisting him (if it does and you know how, please tell me).

Subsequently, he will read my blog...still does...and when he doesn't agree with what I've written, will send a gigantically long email attacking me. Uch, he wears me out.

Suzette said...

My closest work associate cannot understand why I don't share her favorable views on Obama and HRC. Our 12 year professional partnership is strained and she looks at me like I'm an ax murderer.

She's wrong,of course.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that, Ted, but I understand it happens. Nothing like finding out a friend is insane or insanely wrong. (You did say she was a friend, not just an acquaintance.) You had to walk away and I totally get it.

Off topic a bit. My friend and I wore pro-Palin t-shirts out to dinner last night. My friend kept saying people were giving her LOOKS. (She'd arrived earlier than I and been waiting for a table.) After I was there a few minutes people started coming up and saying OH I LOVE YOUR SHIRT. Weird how their faces *seemed* hostile when really they were reading the shirts and agreeing and eventually got up the nerve to say HELL YEAH WE AGREE.

SAHM in AZ said...

I am just tired of people supporting their candidates not by raising the question of the issues, but bashing on the opponents. Stop bashing and focus on the issues!