Sunday, September 28, 2008


Attic is cleaned out and 99% reorganized. I still need to get a bale or two of the loose cellulose insulation to put in the gaps next to the support beams, but the attic is 99% insulated.

It's going to look like we've been foreclosed and evicted on trash day for all the boxes and giant trash bags full o' crap to be tossed. Fortunately we've got the coolest trash company on the planet and they never complain if you *occasionally* have a huge pile to go.

We have another stack o' stuff that will be put up on Craigslist and Freecycle.

Rachael and TJ took a couple of big boxes of books to the used book store for credit. Rachael earned enough to buy twelve volumes of the next series she wants to read, and TJ brought home several books of his own. The books that the store didn't want were dropped off at the library.

We found a bunch of old, old pictures that Liz will spend time scanning. Included in that batch were several photos of oldest daughter Robyn as an infant, wearing dresses that we found and put aside for the upcoming granddaughter.

I have another box of stuff to take to work to shred. Way too much for our little household tree-grinder.

Dang, I'm proud of my kids. They busted their ass this weekend.