Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now That You're Here

I suspect there will be more of the same nonsense you used to get at the other three iterations of Rocket Jones. Classic horror and cult flicks, rocketry, rabbits, links to stuff that amuses me, surreal humor, vegan recipes, puppies and rainbows, unicorns and enema bags.

For some reason, the spammers have anti-eroded my online attitude. Instead of being smoothed by the gentle currents of flowing water, they've uncovered the jagged little edges and made me prickly and less willing to always be Mr. Optimism.

One more thing. I expect comments. Lots and lots of comments. I don't mind lurkers and looky-loos, but I'm not counting page hits or visits, so if you don't at least let us know that you're here, then you're not contributing. I'm not here for myself, Rocket Jones (hopefully) supplies the inspiration (or instigation), and you all supply the conversation and tard baiting and poking with a stick.


Anonymous said...

Here I am...And I brought my poking stick!

Missed you something fierce!

CGHill said...

Unicorns and enema bags?

Suzette said...

Once I witnessed an old-timer nurse carry out the orders of an even more antiquated doctor and they both gave some poor constipated slob a turpentine enema.

Feel free to repeat this to others - it makes for very good cocktail party chatter.

Victor said...

Hey, how come I had to find out about this from the gf?

Ted said...

Gaz, welcome! Missed you too.

Chaz (hey that rhymes!)... uh, forgot what - probably smart-assed - comment I was gonna say.

Suzette, yours is what I consider a valuable comment. Keep it up, and others will return for more scintillating party conversation starters. Well done!

Victor, I sent email to at least one of your myriad email addresses on file. Probably got spam filtered or you blocked me and don't want to admit it in public, you cad.

Anonymous said...

I'm here. And may I say I've been a loyal reader since the halcyon days of NogWatch, when we spoke in hushed tones of "expiration dates" and "horrified co-workers in the break room."

Victor said...

Oh, hey, you did! My bad.

Guess I should check that one more often.