Monday, July 14, 2003

New Air Force blue camo uniform

I don't really see a big problem with these. The blue is subdued enough to still be considered camoflaged, and face it, the army green and tan isn't better or worse in any environment except maybe woodlands. Comedian Steven Wright (I think) once asked why the army didn't have uniforms with stuff like brickwork and car grilles on them, for urban warfare.

I do have a problem though with the logo on the hat. It looks goofy as hell, like they're some kind of military stewardess or something.

Maybe it's just that I notice it more, being ex-AF, but it seems that the Air Force constantly tinkers with it's uniforms, and often goes for wholesale change. Here's an idea for them. Since they want to be the force of the future, then go with one-piece jumpsuits, like the pilots wear. But make 'em black. Accents, insignia and accesories can be navy blue (oops, make that space blue). For formal events, use black or blue berets, otherwise black or blue baseball caps. America is identified by our baseball caps, and they're comfortable, functional, and cheap to produce.

Oooooooo, or how about black stetsons for formal events. Sharp.