Tuesday, July 29, 2003

If I were king...

Welcome to the world of Clark. It's a nice world, as long as you don't like yourself too much. And stay out in the sunshine, because dark and evil things lurk in the shadows. He knows this, and wants to warn us all. Among his pearls of lucidity are:

"The Bush administration gave tax cuts for the rich in 2001. The result: September 11th. I see a connection."

Then he followed it up with:

"That the KKK is the second most powerful political force in the country is a FACT. That the FBI is watching me is a FACT."

Get it? It's capitalized, so we know it's true! Altogether now; *head slap*, "why didn't we see it before?!?!?"

When pressed on his grasp of the FACTs, he responds with:

"The FBI really is watching me, and monitoring my phone calls and the internet sites I go to. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I'M SPENDING TIME HERE? If I looked at left-wing sites too much, the FBI would arrest me."

Fish in a barrel. Anyways, for even more fun in Clark's World, go visit Lee and guests dealing with the delusional one. Also, Clark sends Emp Misha some hate mail. Hilarity ensues.

*update: James Likeks and I actually used the same phrase on the same day ("Hilarity ensues"). So what if it's only two words long, it means that I can now legitimately claim 'flashes of brilliance'. Am I excited? *nipple check* Oh yeah, big time. Hey, I'm easy to please.