Monday, July 14, 2003

A good day

Yesterday we went to the Virginia Bazaar, which is supposed to be this massive flea market. It was a lot less than I expected, but we still spent over an hour strolling around and looking at things. I think this is one of those places where you go back twice a year and watch it grow, because there's a lot of room for expansion. We're also spoiled by Marion Market in Ocala, Florida. Now that is a huge flea market, but it's been there forever.

One thing about Virginia Bazaar which surprised me is that the inside is air conditioned! Growing up in northern California, we used to go to the big flea markets in Gilroy and Morgan Hill on weekends, and I remember them being hot and dusty. My brother and I didn't mind going too much, because once in a while our parents would get us a bag of toy cowboys and indians or army men there. Every kid knows, you can never have too many army men.

But back to the bazaar, the inside is about 70% full now, but there's still a lot of capacity left. We really enjoyed the furniture 'wing', looking over the old 60's style dinette sets and coffee tables. One guy there had an entire space full of salvaged wood shutters and decorative posts, and another of salvaged windows. Very cool stuff for a do-it-yourselfer.

All we bought was a new cutting board. My 'old favorite' broke in half a while ago, and all we had is the big one, roughly the size of Rhode Island. The new one is a much smaller one for everyday use.

After the bazaar we headed to a mall further south. While looking for a new pair of sneakers, my wife held up a pair of the old classic black canvas hi-top converse. Ooooooo, my favorites. Unfortunately, they were the cheapest POS I've ever seen, the quality really went downhill. Plus they wanted $35.00 for them!!! Sorry Converse, that's absolute robbery for what you get. You deserve to be assimilated bought by Nike.

After the mall, we hit a couple of department stores and got Rachael's birthday present. (hint for Rachael: I'm not telling you anything! pfpfpptttttt!)

We also picked up some other odds and ends, had dinner, and then fought some traffic coming home. All in all a very nice 'anniversary' day.

One more great thing happened last night: my dad called! This is a very rare thing. I gave up calling him a couple of years ago because he's seldom home (Arizona), and I can never keep up with him. For example, we heard from him once a couple of years ago from Montana. He and a friend drove up there to see the aftermath of the big fires they had. Once in a while he thinks about it and calls us from wherever he is. He's doing fine (going to be 70 in October - wow), and is planning a trip to Mexico in September. He's sounding real good.

So yeah, yesterday was a very good day.

Come to think of it, I woke up this morning and I was being cuddled. Today has been pretty good so far too.