Saturday, July 26, 2003

First Shooting Lesson

You've heard me talk about guns and the BB pistol we bought. Today was our first chance to have a lesson in firearm safety and actually shoot some too. Rachael's first reaction was "don't wanna", but I insisted so she agreed.

First I went over the basics (major kudos to Publicola for this), including how to use the safety, how to cock it, reloading, aiming, stance, etc.

I fired two groups of 5 and did ok. Considering the quality of the pistol, and how long it's been since I've actually fired a handgun, I was happy with it. Then it was Rachael's turn.

She fired ten shots while we reviewed safety and how the pistol works. She was all over the paper, but she was on the paper. By the time we needed to reload, she had gotten somewhat comfortable with the process. She reloaded and I changed targets for her.

Here's the target from her third set of 5 shots.

This was her best grouping by far. She fired two more sets of 5 and then said she was done. She gave me a hug and disappeared back into the house. I fired another couple sets and then put everything away.

Golly, I don't think she's scarred for life. In fact, although she didn't fall in love with it, she doesn't outright hate it either - call it a draw (pun intended). We'll do this again sometime soon, and maybe I can get her into a little rivalry with the old man; "sheesh, you shoot like a girl!".

Updates as they come.