Saturday, August 02, 2003

Stage right

Lots of link updates tonight. I've been keeping notes all week (not great notes unfortunately), and finally got around to rearranging the furniture. A few were dropped off, not because of quality, but because they weren't my particular cup of tea, and they are hugely popular and you'll find links to them all over.

Many were added, including (drum roll please):

The Michigander - not new, but he's moved
Tiger Rant
Ramblings of SilverBlue - I thought this was gonna be a Detroit Lions fan site. Thank god I was wrong.
Sanity's Edge
Caught in the XFire
The Meatriarchy
Hi. I'm Black
Mr. Helpful
Amish Tech Support - home of the famous 'dead pool'
Ambient Irony
Suburban Blight
Dave Barry
The Onion
The Lemon
Wizbang Tech

I've been reading most of these for a while now, getting there via Mookieriffic. So I thought, in a rare moment of lucidity, why not put them on my page, and maybe they'll link back to you too?

I'm sorry, I mumble sometimes. I said: Maybe they'll link back to me too.

The order of things rightward should be fairly obvious. Mookie goes on top because, although by law I'm only required to feed her and make her go to school, I happen to love her too. Big perk for her, eh?

The next major group started out to be the political blogs I visit, but kinda grew the tail there with new additions. Someday I'll get organized. Maybe. Whattayathink, alphabetical? After that, beginning with annika ( I think her caps lock key is broken or something, but she's too proud to admit it), are a few non-specific blogs I just like to visit. The next group are humor sites and funny (looking) people. And finally at the bottom are a few techie sites I go to and pretend I know what the hell I'm doing there.

That's the blogroll. Below that are some rocket-related sites, you should check them out too. Maybe you'll be interested, maybe not.

By the way, all of the blogs listed are the ones I read most every day. That's right, I at least stop by and look around almost every single day (see 'bold' statement above).