Saturday, August 02, 2003

Something in the air

This morning I saw two squirrels having a good ol' time (nudge nudge, wink wink) in the backyard, while a third waited his turn. Or maybe he was just a perv squirrel that liked to watch. You can't trust them, they're just hydroencepheletic rats after all. Anyways, they skedaddled when I went out back. Up our tree, through the branches, into my neighbors tree, and then into their hidey-hole, which is in my neighbor's attic.

That always makes me laugh, because my neighbor is a jerk.

Later in the garden, I saw bugs paired up, which reminded me of the old joke:

There's a new bug spray on the market made with Spanish Fly. It doesn't hurt them at all, but you can swat them two at a time. (badda-bing!)

So this evening has been one long hump-fest for our youngest dog - Trix. He's tried to hump anything and everything in sight, including his favorite stuffed doggie-toy, our old dog Sam, various feet, legs and arms, and just a while ago the entire couch. It's gotten ridiculous and more than a little distracting, so we filled the sink with cold water and dunked him.

We'll see if it helps. One thing for sure though, I'm closing the bedroom door tight tonight before I go to sleep.