Tuesday, August 12, 2003


That's me today. You see, my oldest daughter got the word yesterday that she's been accepted into the college of her choice. I'm the prototypical proud papa.

This is kind of an unusual situation, and very late notice since classes start next week, so we've got to hustle and get her up to Michigan this weekend. Fortunately she's been semi-packing and preparing for this eventuality for a couple of weeks - just in case - so it's not an absolute standing-start.

Wife and Mookie, recently back from Canada, will have to turn right back around and hit the road again northward to take Robyn and help her get settled in.

She doesn't even have time to give 2-weeks notice at work. Her office manager might will be pissed, but the owners of the company she works at will understand. And Robyn will probably be able to work there whenever she's home on breaks if she wanted to. Still, I'd love to be there when Robyn tells them she's leaving, because there's a good chance the office manager will spontaneously combust. Or maybe her head will explode like in that movie "Scanners". Boy howdy, what fun.

In a curious coincidence, we got our tax-refund check yesterday. It was only for one child because of the timing, but that's better than nothing. We decided to take that money and use it to get Robyn settled in up in Michigan. That way she won't have to try to take everything cross-country or, more importantly, send back a bunch of useless crap. Uh oh, I just realized that we're going to be putting that money back into the economy! That makes us a family of 'eeeeevil republican capitalists', doesn't it?

If When Mookie reads this, she might feel cheated out of 'her' share of that refund. But Sweetie, remember what we've always told you: we love your sister more than you life isn't fair. Besides, mom and I have already figured out what we want to get you.