Saturday, August 09, 2003

Helmet too tight or head too swollen?

Jeremy Shockey is a knob. If you read the recent article about him in Sports Illustrated, there was one telling passage that told of a play last year where he had the chance to score a touchdown or try to run over an opponent who he had a grudge against. He chose to run over his enemy, and didn't score. He also claims that he felt sorry for the kids he hit when he threw a cup of ice at them during the Niners game because their father took offence and complained. Yep, it's the dad's fault that you were a dick. The whole article basically painted him as an obnoxious and immature talent with a chip on his shoulder.

Now he claims he was misquoted in an interview where he calls Bill Parcels a 'homo'. How inconvenient that the interview was on tape, eh? He did something similar a while back on the Howard Stern show when he said some things that were anti-gay.

Jeremy Shockey needs to grow up, before he truly embarrasses the NY Giants (anyone remember John Rocker?).

Update: Now he claims he was kidding.