Wednesday, July 16, 2003

"The translator is a traitor"

Or so the old saying goes. Let's hope not in this case.

A long-time Capitol Hill worker has developed a version of the US Constitution 'translated' for children.

Her 85-page "Constitution Translated for Kids" includes a glossary and some history and puts the translation and original side by side.

Travis is preparing an edition of her translation for adults, who may be a bit puzzled, too.

Ira C. Lupu, professor of law at George Washington University, said the translation should be useful for schools but doesn't tell the whole story.

"Something is always lost in translation," he said.

Lupu also questioned the translation's version of the much-disputed Second Amendment, which includes the phrase "citizens have the right to own firearms."

"A lot of people believe the amendment was intended only to protect the rights of states to maintain militias and not to guarantee a right to ordinary citizens," he said.

Now how in the world can you be any more clear than "citizens have the right to own firearms"? Ohwaitaminute, he's a professor at George Washington University, which is in Washington DC, in which the private ownership of handguns is illegal. It also happens to be the Murder Capitol of the United States. Boy, that's a whole lot of murders commited with knives and poison. Yep.

Anyway, here's the online info about the book.
Books are always a thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift, and this one sounds like an especially good one.