Saturday, August 02, 2003

Not even noon

And it's already been a good day. Got up early and hit the local super-hardware store for crushed rock and sand, because the shed we installed a couple of months ago needs some leveling. While there, I wanted to pick up some new flowers for the window boxes, because the petunias have just about shot their wad. I discovered that the summer flower selection amounts to 'anything you want, as long as it's a mum'. So that's what I got, 6 nice yellow mums just about ready to explode with blooms.

Got home and in spite of the weather, decided that the yard couldn't wait. We've got some kind of front stalled over the top of us, and although it might barely reach 80 this weekend, it's so humid it's like standing underwater. It's one of those dark and gloomy days, and they're calling for afternoon thunderstorms. Cool.

So I pulled out the ol' push-mower (we live in a townhouse, and a gas mower is severe overkill) and spent a pleasant couple of hours doing the spring-cleaning equivalent of yardwork. Weeding, trimming, mulching, transplanting, the whole nine yards. Looks nice too.

Tomorrow oldest daughter and I will be on our own for a week while wife and googli-Mookie go to Canada. I think Windsor, just north of New York. I'm a homebody, but my wife is a travelling fool. Give her 3 days and she's outta here. Our friends freak sometimes when they realize she's gone and ask where, and I reply with a direction; "west" or some such. If she doesn't have a plan, she'll call me when she gets there and let me know where she's at. It works for us.

Oh yeah, it is 'googli-Mookie'. She's going to start wearing those magnifyer glasses when she reads to reduce the strain on her eyes. They checked out fine, she just overworks them sometimes. Wish I could get her to overwork the room-cleaning muscles once in a while.